Colorful Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Colorful Fall Capsule Wardrobe


My colorful fall capsule wardrobe is finally ready and it has a bold palette with fun patterns!

I included two items from my summer capsule wardrobe, really maximizing their use. One is the white top, and the other is the embroidered shorts.

Since I started my capsule wardrobe journey, I have been shopping less, and appreciating the clothing I already have more. Creating diverse outfits with a limited amount of items is a fun creative process. As a result, it surprised me how little I need to have the various styles for everyday. After harvesting the benefits of a money-saving, time-saving and eco-conscious summer wardrobe, I’m very excited to share my fall capsule wardrobe. This capsule contains 18 clothing items, excluding shoes, bags and accessories.

♥ I’ll be sharing 31 looks from this fall capsule wardrobe on my instagram, please follow for updates! ♥

If you want to build your own capsule wardrobe, I hope that you will find my step by step guide helpful.



Items in this Fall Capsule Wardrobe:

Fall Capsule Wardrobe 2017 Tops

Fall Capsule Wardrobe 2017 Outerwear

Fall Capsule Wardrobe 2017 Bottoms

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