Buyers Guide: The RealReal vs. thredUP

all things you should know before searching for your second-hand fashion needs

The RealReal and thredUP have been my two favorite online second-hand stores for over a year now. I made a comparison chart below to highlight some key points on each side. Both companies offer a huge selection of women’s clothes, shoes and accessories. You can also find Kids items on both websites, as well as Men and Home section on The RealReal website. The RealReal vs. thredUP, which do you prefer?

Now let’s take a look:

The RealReal vs. thredUP Infographic Comparison
The RealReal vs. thredUP Infographic Comparison

Hope the above info can help you navigate through these two online shops and find your thrifted treasure.

Next Friday I will present a mini capsule wardrobe for spring! I have decided to do a mini one with 10 items for 10 outfits, because spring is very short in NYC (at least feels like that).

Before then, happy thrifting and good luck!

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