A Colorful Spring Wardrobe

Carrie's Spring Capsule Wardrobe - Part 2

The wait is over! I’m here to reveal Carrie’s 25-item spring capsule wardrobe that we built together. If you missed the previous post for the initial preparation, read here. You will find a brief Q&A session between me and Carrie there as well. I hope these questions will help you start your own capsule wardrobe.

A 25-Item Spring Capsule Wardrobe, Selected From Carrie’s Closet.

Since we decided to build a capsule wardrobe for Spring, I asked Carrie to select out her favorite spring clothes first. After that, we grouped her rough selections into 4 categories: outerwear, dresses/one-piece, tops and bottoms. Then to help us narrow down our options and eventually have this magic combination above, we did a lot of matching and styling.

Here are some texture details from this capsule wardrobe:


As you can see, Carrie has some serious love for the outerwear category. Almost a third of her capsule wardrobe are coats, jackets and cardigans!

Next Friday, I will show some outfit ideas from this spring capsule wardrobe, combining shoes and accessories to complete each look. These outfits will be suitable for work, play and everything in between! I will also provide product links through which you can shop the looks that attract your eyes. Before then, please stay warm (to my NYC friends), and look forward to a fabulous spring.

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