Building a Capsule Wardrobe + Q&A Session with Carrie

Carrie's Spring Capsule Wardrobe - Part 1

Some of my friends showed interest in building a capsule wardrobe, and that’s how I began to help Carrie* to create her own. To test out what I learned from my own capsule wardrobes, I was excited to work with someone else’s closet. We also had a brief Q&A session before we started, and you can think of them as the prepping before the real show starts.

*A bit of a background info about Carrie: She is an artist, fantastic illustrator and awesome cook.

1. Define your style

Q. (Luna) What styles do you like the most? Trendy/Exotic? Preppy/Classic? Sporty/Casual? Bohemian/Artsy?

A. (Carrie) My favorite styles change with time. I like unique designs with rich color combinations. Though I like classy looks, I don’t like to dress too formal or preppy. And of course, most importantly, I want the clothes to flatter my figure.

2. Tidy Up

Q. (Luna) Before I did my own capsule wardrobe, I tidied up my closet using the KonMari Method. I personally find it super helpful, thus before building the capsule, I really encourage people to tidy up first if they haven’t done so. I know you used the KonMari Method to tidy up your clothes already. How was the process? Do you think it helped you?

A. (Carrie) Yes, I used the KonMari Method, and the minimized closet became easy to maintain. It was difficult for me in the beginning to decide what clothes to keep. I had a tough time saying goodbye to some items for numerous reasons. I’d think of how expensive they were when I bought them, or how new they looked because I rarely used them, or I’d think maybe I don’t use them currently but they might come in handy one day. The bottom line was I just simply found it hard to discard. However, honestly, if certain clothes aren’t used often, it means it’s time to ask myself if I really like them or need them. This self reflecting process is necessary.

3. Set a Goal

Q. (Luna) What kind of capsule wardrobe do you want to build? Do you want to do a seasonal capsule for spring or a fundamental capsule that can be used for all year round? Seasonal capsules allows you to change up every season for more style and color choices. And a fundamental capsule is more minimalistic that allows maximum flexibility to pair with additional seasonal items.

A. (Carrie) I want to build a capsule wardrobe for spring. I feel spring is a difficult season to dress. The weather can be as cold as winter sometimes. Yet at the same time you want to change it up and not wear your winter clothes that much.

Q. (Luna) Now the last question is – how many clothing items will be in your capsule wardrobe? As an example, I had 12 clothing items in my summer capsule, 18 for my fall and 15 for my winter. I’d suggest keeping the number lower than 30, so that it’s more manageable. Plus you are free to add in accessories to complete your looks, and even once in a while match with other clothing items.

A. (Carrie) Between 20 to 30 I think. Less than 20 is probably too little for me, because I have a thing for outerwear. I want to have more than a few jackets or coats in my capsule wardrobe.

Luna: Sounds good to me, let’s do it!

After me and Carrie had the initial talk, we set our mind on building a spring capsule wardrobe for her that embraces her styles: a colorful collections that bridges vintage and modern designs. And it is going to be a capsule wardrobe that follows no particular trends and speaks to her.

We spent about 2 hours matching and styling them, crossed out some options and added other items as we went.

Dress Details
Pattern Details from One of Carrie’s Dresses

What will the final capsule look like? Pictures will be revealed next week on Friday, expect to see an exuberantly colored capsule wardrobe. What’s more important is that it matches her fun personality and creative mind.

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    This is a great idea! I also like how it looks like a comic book, haha.

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      Luna Wei

      Thank you! Building a capsule wardrobe can be fun, you should give it a try too 😀

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