Shop Your Own Closet: Winter Capsule Wardrobe Lookbook Vol. 7


What’s the easiest way to make your fashion more sustainable? Shop your own closet. Discover a capsule wardrobe in your own closet, and the whole process will feel like a treasure hunt. This doesn’t mean you don’t buy new things. This is inevitable. Rather, the point is to use what you have first before blindly buying a surplus of things that you like.

I started my first capsule wardrobe project after tidying up my closet using the KonMari Method. That capsule wardrobe only had 12 clothing items, and it made my mornings calmer.

After experiencing the benefit of having a capsule wardrobe, I decided to keep building one for myself at the beginning of each season. Since my capsule wardrobe is season based, I only use a portion of my closet regularly every 3 months or so. Therefore when a season ends, there is a “new” and “fresh” feeling wearing the next season’s capsule wardrobe.

There are 15 clothing items in my winter capsule wardrobe. Also to challenge my styling skills, I paired these 15 items with shoes, bags and accessories for 30 practical outfits.

Today’s post shows you outfit 21 to 25.


在用了麻理惠的整理法之后,我组合了一个只含12件衣服单品夏季胶囊衣橱 (完整Lookbook在这里)。从此以后发现胶囊衣橱为我平日生活带来的便利,于是就一直开始每个季度建立一组。因为每三个月我大部分时间只用固定的一部分衣服,所以每次换季后,对好久没碰过的衣服又有了“新鲜感“。


Today’s highlight items are the waterproof boots. The pair I’m wearing is Blondo Olivia Knee High Boot from Nordstrom (5.5M, tts, Grey Suede).

When it comes to waterproof material for shoes, I prefer leather or vegan leather over rubber or PVC. Useful in cold and wet days, stylish waterproof shoes keep your feet dry and happy.

今天的推荐单品是有范的防水鞋。我穿的灰色长筒靴是Blondo Olivia Knee High Boot(5.5M号)。对于防水鞋的材料我不喜欢塑料或者橡胶,更倾心天然或是人造皮革。超级实用又好看的短靴,过膝靴,平板鞋都选好了让你挑。


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