Red for Winter: Winter Capsule Wardrobe Lookbook Vol. 5


Using warm hues like red for winter can brighten up your outfits. Since my winter capsule wardrobe contains mostly dark neutral colors, I have chosen red to be the pop color. Besides red, you can also use orange, pink, or any other bold colors as the accent color to give the muted winter palette some life.

See outfit 13, 14 and 15 in the image gallery above. Each outfit is shown with and without the outerwear.

If you want to see what items I have included in my winter capsule wardrobe, see them in my previous post.


点击上面图册看第13,14 和15款的搭配吧。每一款搭配都有穿了外套和不穿外套的样子。


Today’s highlight items are the red sweaters. Soft knits made from marino wool, cashmere, and organic cotton are my favorite items for the cold New York winter season. I have selected some styles I like at the bottom of this post. Since New York’s winter-like condition can last till April, there is still time to wear these pretty things.

今天推荐的单品你可以能已经猜到--靓丽可爱的红色毛衣!因为纽约的冬季很长,而且差不多会持续5个月,所以温暖的毛衣是必定不可确少的。 在帖子最后看我精心挑选出来的红色毛衣款吧。有一些是新的,有一些是从精品二手店Therealreal挑出来的。如果你人在北美,我会很推荐你加入TheRealReal的免费会员哦!



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