5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Shopping for someone special? Here are 5 eco-friendly gift ideas that can fill the heart with love.

Cards 卡片

A cute and simple card that says it all from HappyDappyBits. The cards are made from 100% post consumer recycled materials. Price: $4.50 and up.

image credit: HappyDappyBits

Flowers 鲜花

A classic way to show admiration. If you live in NYC, get locally grown seasonal flowers from Petal By Pedal, and get your bouquets delivered on a bicycle. Price: $65 and up.

Petal by Pedal
image credit: Petal by Pedal

Perfume 香水

Opt for naturally scented perfumes to lift up the mood. I have tried the roll on perfume from Pacifica and my personal favorite is the Brazilian Mango Grapefruit scent. Pacifica also offers spray perfume or solid perfume. You may also find this brand at your local Whole Foods store if you want to try on some scents in person. Price: $9 and up.

image credit: Target

Jewelry 珠宝

Ella Stain is a wonderful fine jewelry brand that is sustainable and ethical. The beautifully designed and crafted diamond pieces are love messages themselves. Price: $99 and up.

image credit: Ella Stein

Article22, the Peacebomb jewelry is made from re-purposed military grade aluminum and finished with semi precious metals and stones. Price: $22 and up.

image credit: Article22

Intimates 内衣

I love the super soft organic cotton undies from PACT. If you are in between sizes, I recommend sizing up. I have both size XS and S, though size XS isn’t too tight, size S is more comfortable. For reference, I’m usually size 26 in jeans. Price: $20(2pk) and up.

image credit: Zappos

That’s it!
Hope you like this short list of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. May a thoughtful gift bring joy to your special someone.

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