Striped White Tee and Denim Shorts


Summer Classic with a Poetic Touch from Min & Mon

This simple striped tee is made of 100% viscose, a type of rayon*. I’m matching it with my high-waisted shorts from Levi’s, and a pair of white sandals from Sam Edelman. The sandals are super comfortable, even more than the Gigi flat sandals. 

这件条纹上衣的成分是100%粘胶纤维,是人造纤维**的一种。搭配李维斯牛仔短裤和来自Sam Edelman的白色凉鞋,清爽的色调,简单大方。这双新凉鞋非常舒适,虽有很多评论说这款鞋偏小,但我买的我平常的5.5M号,非常合适。

Striped White Tee and Denim Shorts

→Top: H&M viscose tee (size 4, true to size, or better, see this lyocell tee )
→Shorts: Levi’s – Orange Tab Shorts (old, size 26, size up)
→Shoes: Sam Edelman – Greta Sandal (size 5.5M, true to size)
→Pouch: Min & Mon – Fidel Pouch
→上衣: H&M (号码4, 合身, 类似款)
短裤: Levi’s (旧款, 号码26,偏小)
: Sam Edelman (号码5.5M, 合脚)
手包: Min & Mon

The pouch is from a NY brand called Min & Mon. I got mine from The Market NYC in soho. The bag is padded and holds my keys, smartphone, cards/cash, and some small cosmetic items.

手包来自纽约小众品牌Min & Mon,我在Soho一家叫The Makret NYC买的。Min & Mon 在里面有个展柜。包包外层有软软的填充,保护里面装的东西。我能装下手机,钥匙,卡片钱包,和一些小的化妆品。

*What is Rayon?

Rayon is the general term for the man-made plant based fibre. It is chemically produced from regenerated cellulose like wood pulp and bamboo. This semi-synthetic textile is biodegradable, in comparison to petroleum based synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon which are basically plastics and should be recycled.

The rayon textile has subcategories with different names depending on how the textile is made. For example: viscose, modal, lyocell/Tencel®, acetate, triacetate and cupro are common names you may have seen on your clothing label. Among them all, lyocell or Tencel® (Lenzing’s brand name for lyocell) is the most environmental friendly one, thanks to its closed loop process, which leaves nearly no waste.

The dark side of the story about rayon is that the chemicals used in the process can be super toxic. Without proper control, the manufacturing process can damage people’s health and harm the environment. I came across a recent report on the viscose industry by Changing Markets Foundation. Numerous viscose factories aren’t cleaning up their acts, and being the suppliers to big name fashion brands, their environmental and human health impact is tremendous. If you are interested to know more, here is the full report, and here is the summary.


人造纤维是取用植物纤维外加化学成分而人工合成的。这种半合成纤维能生物降解,对比取材于石油副产品的化纤,如聚酯纤维和尼龙来说更为环保。人造纤维统称rayon,除此之外还有很多其他名字,因不同的生产过程而不同名。比如viscose粘胶纤维,modal莫代尔,lyocell莱赛尔或 Tencel®天丝(Lenzing公司的莱赛尔品牌),acetate醋酸纤维,triacetate三醋酸纤维,以及cupro铜氨丝。其中lyocell莱赛尔和Tencel®天丝最为环保,因为闭环的生产过程几乎没有废物的排放。

然而人造纤维的生产也有阴暗的一面。最近看到来自Changing Markets Foundation对于粘胶纤维工厂的报道,揭露有一些大工厂不达标,对有毒的化学物质不加以正确处理,给人与环境都造成巨大的损害。而这些工厂作为供应商给很多大牌服装品牌进布料,让多少消费者不自觉地支持了这一行为。如果你想了解更多,可以看看这个报道的概要

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