ASOS Made In Kenya Chambray Crop Top and Culottes

ASOS Eco Edit Purchase Review

ASOS Eco Edit features eco friendly clothing and natural beauty products. Take a look if you are looking for unique pieces. This is my first time trying the label ASOS Made In Kenya, and I’m very pleased!

时尚网店ASOS自己评选出环保服饰和天然美容产品,把他们归类在一起,称为Eco Edit。如果你想找一些独特的单品,不放看看。这套是我第一次在ASOS Eco Edit买的衣服,来自ASOS自有品牌Made In Kenya。

⇒Top: ASOS Eco Edit Made In Kenya – Crop Top in Chambray (size 4, true to size)
⇒Pants: ASOS Eco Edit Made In Kenya –  Chambray Wrap Culottes (size 4, true to size/slightly loose on waist)
⇒Bag: Rebecca Minkoff – Finn Crossbody (old, reviews in this previous post)
⇒Sunglasses: Miu Miu – Hanana Pentagon (old, from Nordstrom Rack)
上衣: ASOS环保选集-肯尼亚制造 (旧款, 号码4, 合身)
裤子:ASOS环保选集-肯尼亚制造 (号码4,合身/腰部稍微有一点点松)
⇒包: Rebecca Minkoff (旧款,评论在这个旧帖里)
⇒太阳镜: Miu Miu (旧款,在Nordstrom Rack淘到)

Judging from the the fit on the model, I thought the pants would be too long on me and definitely require hemming. Yet, surprise! I’m not stepping on them even with flat sandals. However, the layer that is wrapping the pants are longer than the two legs, which is touching the ground a bit when I walk. I will most likely still hem them 2-3 inches shorter,  just so they don’t get dirty fast. Meanwhile the top fits very well and the arm holes are petite friendly.
The versatile sandals are from Sam Edelman. You can see my reviews in this previous post.

原本以为这个裤子在我身上一定是拖地,需要剪裁的,意外的是居然可以穿平底凉鞋也不会踩裤腿!不过为了防脏,之后还是会去剪短2-3寸吧。上衣的袖口也很合适,没有太低太大。凉鞋来自Sam Edelman,在我之前的帖子里有评论。

The material compositions for this new outfit are 51% viscose, 33% cotton and 16% linen. Though it’s a blended fabric, all three fibers are biodegradable. I try to avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon (brand name for polyamide), unless they are recycled ones. I read two labels: the brand and the ‘care label’ for fabric contents. For me, it’s similar to reading ingredients labels on food packages. I want to know what I’m getting and what I’m supporting.

When you purchase, do you read two labels or one?

这身衣服的布料是50%人造丝,33%绵,加16%的亚麻布。算然是混纺布,但是三种纤维都可以生物降解。就如买食物看原料,我买衣服不只看牌子,也会读衣服内侧的洗标,上面会标明布料的成分。我喜欢知道我的购买行为是在支持什么。我会尽量避免合成纤维布如polyeaster聚酯纤维和polyamide (又名nylon尼龙),除非是回收再利用的polyester和nylon。


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