Threads 4 Thought Tee + Feelgoodz Flip Flop + H&M Conscious Shorts


Check out this relaxed outfit for a staycation or walking around the neighborhood.

The tee from Thread 4 Thought is made of 95% Tencel® and 5% spandex so it is super soft and stretchy. And the shorts from H&M Conscious line are made of 100% lyocell. 

What’s the difference between lyocell and Tencel®? Tencel® is Lenzing’s brand name for lyocell, which is produced from sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees. Lyocell fiber absorbs excess moisture (sweat) 50% more than cotton, and it dries quickly too. This biodegradable eco fabric is durable, soft on the skin, naturally antibacterial and anti-odor. Which means less washing, saving on energy and money.

Plus, Thread 4 Thought is a Certified B Corporation. B corps are certified to be better for workers, communities, and the environment. If you are looking for comfy lounging wear or active wear, it’s worth taking a look at their website.

If you shop at fast fashion stores like H&M, check out their Conscious line which uses more sustainable and eco-friendly materials like this pair of shorts.

Looking for flip flops? Instead of popular brands like Havaiana, or others that contain plastics, see eco friendly alternatives like Etiko, Feelgoodz, and IndosoleThe flip flops I have are from Feelgoodz, which I purchased from Whole Foods’ Whole Body department. They are made of biodegradable 100% natural rubber.

Whatever you’re doing to stay cool in this hot weather, make sure you’ve got the good threads and kicks to look cool doing it.

来自Threads 4 Thought 的体恤和H&M Conscious环保系列的短裤,都采用了可降解的布料lyocell莱塞尔。人字拖来自Feelgoodz, 材料是可降解的100%天然橡胶。为何可降解的材料重要?因为大部分服饰都未能被回收♻,那么它们就沦为垃圾填埋。而从石油副产品人工合成出来的聚酯纤维polyester永远不会降解,成为土壤,空气和海洋的污染源。就如塑料瓶,聚酯纤维也是塑料,不需要以后正确回收处理很重要。对不再想要的衣物,转手捐赠再利用,或是找附近能回收布料的商店如H&M等, 是又简单又负责的好行为。

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