Patagonia Houdini Jacket


I was looking for a lightweight weather-resistant jacket for the warmer days, and found this Patagonia Houdini Jacket. Because the material is water and wind resistant, it’s good for light drizzles of rain, or unexpected temperature drops when you want that extra layer. Please note that it’s not waterproof, so if it’s pouring outside you will need an alternative to keep you dry. 

最近找到一件耐风雨的轻薄外套,特别适合无防备的毛毛小雨或是气温忽冷的情况。这件Patagonia Houdini Jacket,布料羽毛一般轻,有多种颜色可选。注意这个面料只是抗水,不是防水,如果下大雨的话还是要打伞的。

Jacket: Patagonia – Houdini Jacket (water resistant, yoke yellow, size XS)
Tee: Topshop – Scallop Frill Tee (old, size US4)
⇒Skirt: Uniqlo (old, size XS)
Shoes: Circus by Sam Edelman – Charlie Slip on Sneakers (old, size 5.5M)
⇒Bag: Uniqlo – Canvas Tote (old)
夹克: Patagonia (抗水面料,蛋黄色, 号码XS)
T恤: Topshop (旧款, 号码US4)
⇒裙子: 优衣库 (旧款, 号码XS)
⇒鞋: Circus by Sam Edelman (旧款, 号码5.5M)
⇒包: 优衣库 – 帆布袋 (旧款)


This zip pocket is where the magic happens. The jacket can be folded into this front pocket! No extra pouch to carry. Since it is so compact, it’s great for travel.


I got the XS size which fits pretty well on me. The length of the jacket hits just below my hips, and the sleeves are a bit long on me as well (about 3in past my wrists). Since the material is feather light, the looser fit still works for me and I actually like being covered up more. 😀

我买的是XS号,比较合身。夹克的长度在模特身上是到盆骨,在我身上刚好遮完臀部。袖子也比较长,过手腕大约多出8cm. 但是袖口有松紧所以还是不碍事的。而且如果下雨刮风多遮盖一些也挺好的。

Patagonia offers other colors for this jacket besides this yoke yellow one. I love a bright color on a cloudy day; it lifts up the mood.


These sneakers are so comfortable that they became my go-to shoes for daily use. I bought them at ShoeMetro’s Open Box section for a great price (under $30). If you don’t know what open box means, for ShoeMetro it means new items without original box or tags, or with defects, as well as pre-owned items. Because they aren’t in the “perfect” condition, you can get them at a deep discount. I got mine last year, and they don’t have 5.5M anymore, but hopefully you can find yours here. One bummer is that they don’t offer free shipping, and it’s $10 per item to ship and $5 for each additional item. Factor in the shipping cost to see if it’s still a good price for you or bundle your order with a friend to share the shipping cost.

这双舒适的平板鞋是我在ShoeMetro的OpenBox淘到的。Open Box就是开了包装,或者无包装的完好新货,有时是带了一些瑕疵,顾客退回去的货。除此之外,ShoeMetro的Open Box里还销售二手。因为各种小缺点,这些商品都有很大的折扣。我这双打五折的平板鞋就是只差原装鞋盒的新鞋,我花了不到30刀。要注意的是,这个网站不免邮,第一件商品10刀邮费,之后每加一样商品就加5刀邮费。不过折扣很多的话,加上邮费很可能依然划算哦。

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