Clean Beauty: ACURE Organics - 有机护肤品牌ACURE

ACURE Skincare: natural and certified organic ingredients. ACURE currently has a sitewide sale for 30% off! Use code BIGDADDY. Sale ends June 18.
Products from left to right in photo: eye treatment (current version), day cream, night cream, resurfacing treatment, sleeping mask, facial toner, oil body spray.
ACURE护肤品:只含天然和有机的原料。目前官网全站在打7折!优惠券代码BIGDADDY, 在结账时输入即可。优惠截止日期为6月18号。
图中所展示的产品从左到右依次为:眼部护理新包装, 日霜, 晚霜, 修复精华, 睡眠面膜, 爽肤水, 身体用润肤喷油.

I have been using ACURE products in my skincare routine for about half a year, and my first purchase was the facial toner. I have sensitive skin that gets random redness here and there, and ACURE has improved my skin condition.

Beauty products can contain some horrible fillers and ingredients that are bad for you and for the environment. Therefore, I decided to venture into the clean beauty world. Just like putting healthy food in your stomach, you also want to put beneficial nutrients on your skin, right? They are both organs after all.

The products shown in the photo are some personal favorites. A couple of other products I like that are not shown in the photo are the brightening face mask and the brightening facial scrub. Since everyone’s skin is different, what I love may not suit you the best. I recommend trying the ones that are labeled for “all skin types” first, or try this very affordable sample kit that comes with 10 samples. Good luck finding your favorites! Also, ACURE’s packaging is recyclable, so you can recycle your empty bottles with other plastic bottles/containers you have.

Here is a simple routine for how to use these products:
*If you have makeup on, remove makeup first.
1. Cleanser (or facial scrub 1-2 times per week); 2. Toner; 3. Treatments/Serum (face and eyes); 4. Moisturizer (eye cream + day or night cream); 5. Sleeping mask for night, or SPF for the day.


照片里所展示的产品是我个人最喜欢的一些。除此之外,还有两个我也很喜欢:美白面膜美白面部磨砂膏。因为每个人肌肤不同,适合我皮肤的产品不一定是你的最爱。我推荐可以先从标有 ”all skin types” 也就是“适合所有肌肤”的产品开始,或者尝试这套含有10样试用品的试用装。希望你能找到心爱的一款!另外,ACURE不只是瓶子里装好东西,包装和瓶子本身也是可回收的纸张和塑料,用完的瓶子可以和其他塑料瓶一同回收。

* 如果有化妆先卸妆。
1. 洗面乳(或每周1-2次的面部磨砂膏)2. 爽肤水; 3. 精华(眼睛和脸)4. 保湿(眼霜 + 日霜或晚霜) 5. 睡眠面膜 (晚上) 或防晒霜 (白天)。完成!愿大家都越来越美!


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