May 2017

Pastel Pink on a Spring Day

Pastel pink feels soft and beautiful, and it’s a wonderful color to change out from the darker winter hues. 柔美的淡粉色点亮心情,是春夏季节的优选色调之一。 ⇒Shoes: BP. – Maddy Mule (Nordstrom Private Label, Size 5.5M) ⇒Bag: Kate Spade New York – Leewood Place Mini Makayla (Pink is sold out, see other colors at Kate Spade and Shopbop) ⇒鞋: BP. 裸跟鞋 […]

Ella Mila Nail Polish – 7 Free

Just like skin care brands, there are also tons of nail polish brands, and it’s important to choose well. So, a few months ago, I decided that I want my nail polishes to be at least 7-Free*, like the ones from Ella Mila. ⇒Nail Polish: Ella Mila (Colors shown here: left – Party in a Bottle, […]